Project management services to get your self-build off the ground

 Building or transforming your own home is one of life’s most exhilarating adventures. It’s also a highly complex technical, logistical, practical and administrative challenge, involving processes, materials and people you may never have encountered before. And as any self-builder will tell you, timetables and budgets can quickly go out of the window without consistent, careful oversight. 

That’s what we’re here to provide. 

 As project managers, we’ll take care of the scheduling and technical oversight of your self-build project. We work with planning departments, architects, structural engineers and contractors while providing solutions to everyday technical and creative issues. Most importantly, engaging us means you retain full control over the build at every stage. This is your project. We’ll help you do it your way.      


Renovate, extend, transform

 For many clients, the first step towards becoming a true self-builder is making improvements or alterations to an existing property. As a homeowner, you may wish to create more space, or make the layout work more effectively for you. For investors, upgrading the property’s appearance and specification can greatly enhance its sale or rental value.   

 Working with your professional advisers and trades, we’ll apply our specialist planning and management skills to keep your project on track – and, crucially, on budget. Whether you’re planning to refresh, remodel or completely rebuild, we’ll help you specify technology, select materials and find creative solutions to bring your vision to life. 

Supporting you self-build project

 The easiest way to build your own house is to hire a main contractor. But while they’ll take care of all the day-to-day details and liaison between trades, you’ll generally pay handsomely for the privilege. What’s more, they’ll have overall charge of the build, which for many clients defeats the whole object.

 By using us as project managers, you can be confident that everything’s being done correctly, seamlessly and efficiently, while retaining full control of the process. It’s the best, most satisfying and cost-effective way to truly self-build – without having to go it alone.